Vibration Testing and Shock Testing

Vibration testing and shock testing are used to simulate the effect of long term and repeated shaking of a component or assembly. Vibration and shock testing can be useful in determining the physical durability of a device during exposure to physical environmental conditions that a product may encounter in its expected life cycle.

Vibration testing is normally performed in each of three axes in turn and can be applied at individual frequencies or with ascending and descending frequency and defined amplitude. A search can also be made of resonant frequencies (using additional accelerometer channels) with dwelling at the designated resonant frequencies for extended durations.

Shock testing is applied in both positive and negative directions in each of 3 axes in turn and can be performed using the following waveforms

Compliance Engineering vibration testing system capabilities are detailed as follows:

The electrodynamic vibration testing system is comprised of a high power amplifier connected to an electrodynamic shaker. A calibrated accelerometer is used to provide feedback to the controller, which in turn provides the required drive level into the amplifier.

A custom fabricated mounting fixture may be required to minimise mounting resonances and ensure the dynamic forces are applied to the test sample in a reproducible manner. Compliance Engineering can fabricate mounting fixtures to meet most test sample requirements.

Compliance Engineering can simulate a wide range of vibration and shock testing phenomena to various international standards and have been accredited by A2LA to perform vibration testing and shock testing as follows:

A2LA and NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) are both signatories to the ILAC MRA and testing from each organisation are mutually recognised.

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